In Jan 2021 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. After extensive surgery, 18 weeks of chemotherapy, I was cancer free. Six months later it returned and I am now under-going another round of chemotherapy for 6 months. Ovarian cancer sucks, survival rates for patients with stage 3 or 4 make sombre reading. The symptoms are subtle and more awareness and research is needed.

I would like to curate a book of recipes called, Quick, delicious and easy – with a little help from my friends. I am reaching out to ask if you would consider donating a recipe for me to use and help me create this book and be part of something special to help save women’s lives and give a lot of joy to people.

Money raised will go to Royal Marsden Ovarian Cancer research and Target Ovarian Cancer.  (Both charities have said they will help promote the book as have a magazine and PR company on board).

When I have chemotherapy, I usually still love to cook for my family. I don’t want to be standing around in the kitchen for hours so I choose easy to put together recipes– to bring pleasure to others. Conversely sometimes, I don’t feel like cooking but eating – I just want to hand a recipe to someone else that can be easily followed to produce something tasty.

It might simply be my go-to roasted chilli broccoli with tahini dressing or a fantastic recipe of sublime tastiness from Eleanor Ford’s The Nutmeg Trail, Grilled Pita Stuffed with sumac spiced meat – a dish that can be pulled together with ease and is utterly delicious. So I thought, imagine… if I could have a book filled with these sorts of recipes – delicious – and if I could raise awareness of the disease and funds for research then I think this would be a  wonderful idea.

So I would like to ask you if you would like to send in a recipe and be part of my lovely cook book or let me use an existing recipe. This may be the only cook book I ever do, and I shall do my absolute best to make it a success, I would be very honoured if you would be part of it.

Money raised from the book will go to The Royal Marsden Ovarian Cancer research and Target Ovarian cancer. I want to raise awareness and money. I am aiming to start publicity for the book in March 23 which is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and publish as soon as possible after. I hope you will all find this as exciting as I do.

My email is



As the title of the book suggests, I am looking for recipes that are quick, delicious, and easy. It is not a cook book to promote nutrition for cancer patients.

‘Quick’ and ‘easy’ are open to interpretation – but if you consider a recipe quick and easy, then that’s good enough for me.

If you have a go-to recipe that ticks all these boxes, and the copyright belongs to you, and you are happy to share it for this good cause, then please send it in.

We will print it as you send it – without knocking it about or inflicting ‘house style’ on it, so please bear that in mind when formatting.

If you have a handful of appropriate recipes – two or three maximum – then that’s even better. We will include as many as we can.

If you are not sure whether you own the copyright of a recipe that’s been published – please check with the publisher. In the case of a worthy enterprise such as this you wouldn’t anticipate any legal snarl-ups, but the Guild is always respectful in such areas.

Please put at the end of the recipe exactly how you would like to be credited, including (if you wish) where the recipe has been published and the publisher (for instance, Robert Carrier, Great Dishes of the World, HarperCollins).

If you are submitting a photograph, please tell us who to credit. If it’s not you, please make sure you have their permission for use, obviously.

I am working to an extremely tight deadline, so if you are contributing, please let me know and send in your recipe(s) at latest by 30 September (but as soon as possible – that would really help). I am away for 1 week in on 30th August so please do not be offended if I don’t reply within that time.

Any questions please contact me

THANK YOU – I really appreciate it and I will do everything in my power to make this book a success.