Intro to your Dofe online cookery course

Welcome to Ruth’s Little Kitchen online cookery course.

Please read all the information which we hope gives you all you need to know to get started.

Points to note

  • The course cannot take less that 3 months, this is set by the Dofe Award Scheme, you may start when you want. On starting you will have 1 year to complete.
  • You may not have your Dofe number at the start of the course, that is okay, fill it in at the end.
  • All dishes may be adapted to suit special diets.
  • On completion of the course please make sure you have the correct dates on your Dofe account and in the skills section, you have inputted Life Skills.

How the course works

  1. Each dish has a video and a step by step recipe. How you decide to take the course is entirely up to you, we think the videos are the best way because you tend to learn more.
  2. Download the dish summary sheet to your computer, save it as your name and Dofe Number eg Ruthmacintyre543675, (if you don’t have your Dofe number, save it just as your name and rename it before sending in).
  3. Fill in your personal details. Save
  4. After cooking. dish, take a photo of your dish – it should be clear, showing what the end result is! Complete your dish evidence sheet- it is important to do this as you go along, as if you don’t you will forget.
  5. In the comments section – just write a few lines only – how did you find making the dish, would you do anything different next time?, did you change the recipe at all? Copy the photo into the document. Save
  6. Work through the course, REMEMBER to save after each week, this is your evidence.
  7. Week 13, check your form is complete and send to
  8. Complete the Dish summary form and any other comments to help us with your assessment eg did you change ingredients, do extra, did you enjoy the course?

What happens next?

An assessor will look at your evidence and write a report, this report will be loaded up onto the Dofe website and will be approved by your school assessor. We will email you when it is complete, but it is your centre who will complete the process.

Frequently asked questions

1What is the best way to complete the course?
A. We believe that you should put a time aside every week that is your cooking time B. Before you start to cook, make sure you have a clean area, all the correct ingredients and equipment, if you have an apron put it on and wash your hands. C. On finishing, make sure you leave the cooking area clean. All dirty equipment should be washed up or stacked in the dish washer.
2Can I miss a week if I go on holiday?
Yes however, we do not advise becoming more that two weeks behind.
3Can I adapt the recipes?
Yes you can! This is especially important in this day and age when we want to save ingredients and also we want you to enjoy what you cook- so if there is an ingredient you are not keen on, or something needs to be used up- no problem?
4I do not like the recipe and can I change it
No problem, why waste ingredients? Better to cook something people like. The Dofe Award scheme encourages independence – and research of a new recipe is that. If you choose a new recipe, please include a link on the form and write why you changed it.
5Do I have to re-make a recipe if it goes wrong?
No, you don’t, but in the comments mention why you think it went wrong PS we would always encourage you to try always make something out of the ‘mistake’.
6Will we remind you if you miss a week?
Will we remind you if you miss a week?
7I have a question, how can I contact you?
We are always available on email and will get back to you as soon as possible.