Duke of Edinburgh cooking skills -International Cuisine.

The world has got much smaller due to tourism, use of ingredients from around the world has led to an intermix of eclectic cuisines.  On this Dofe cookery course students will be creating well known dishes from around the world whist expanding their repertoire and increasing confidence in the kitchen. Dishes can be adapted to suit dietary needs and all skills learnt are transferable to lots of other recipes.

American Pancakes

Skills - Weighing, Shaping, hob heat management

Whilst making a stack of pancakes for the family will be a wonderful start to the course  skill-wise students will be learning about correct measuring and weighing, estimating and the all important hob management to create that perfectly cooked pancake. Serve with yogurt or berries or your own choice of topping.               

Koftas and roast vegetables

Skills - Meat shaping, veg prep, knife skills, oven management.  

We show you how to make and bake perfect little koftas, an accompaniment of roasted vegetables makes this a delicious nutritious dish.


Flat breads and hummus             

Skills - Weighing, Bread making, hob management, shaping.       

This Jamie Oliver inspired recipe will introduce students to a quick delicious flat bread and a healthy and adaptable dip. Shaping and hob management are key skills as is use of kitchen utensils.

Blueberry muffins with a streusel topping          

Skills - weighing, cake making, rubbing in, oven management.

These blueberry muffins are spectacular and the streusel topping a unique addition (which incidentally can be frozen and used on a multitude of other bakes). Using the rubbing in method we will teach you how to make light muffins and there is also the option to learn how to make your own cases.

Chicken Tagine

Skills - Browning, use of meat, knife skills, reduction sauce

One of the most popular dishes on this course teaching students about browning meat and also how to reduce a sauce. Vegetarian students tend to adapt this one by using chick peas or Quorn as a substitute.

Vegan burritos and tortillas       

Skills - Bread making, simple sauce, vegetable preparation, knife skills, oven management.           

Students can make their tortillas, or use shop-bought. The quick and easy filling is nutritious and extremely economical. Students will practice their knife skills in the vegetable preparation, use of the hob and portioning.

Stir Fry  Veg

Skills – preparation of vegetables, heat management, knife skills, time management

By learning how to stir fry safely and correctly students will be able to make  quick and delicious food and practice their safe knife skills and hob management. Students can adapt the contents of the stir fry to suit their tastes.

Spring rolls        

Skills - Stir fry, knife skills, use of filo and oven management.

While most spring rolls are fried, these are baked cutting down on fat but keeping that all important crunch. Using the wok skills gained in the stir fry module students will then portion it up to create delicious baked spring rolls.  These can be veggie or have meat added.


Skills - weighing, Melting method of cake making, hob and oven management.

Introducing  students to the melting method of cake making to create these super chocolaty moist brownies which are perfectly counter balanced with sharp raspberries.

Fish Tacos

Skills - Working with fish, veg prep, heat management, knife skills, time management.

Thank you Yotam Ottolenghi for this fantastic recipe using sustainable fish to create tasty fish patties. Students can choose to make two sides of mango salsa and a yogurt dip

Tomato and pea curry with rice

Skills - Veg prep and cooking rice, time management, heat management, knife skills. absorption method.

This recipe uses inexpensive ingredients that most people would have in their kitchen. Makes a great supper dish.

Coming soon - Goats cheese and leek risotto with a parmesan crisp

Skills - Knife skills, weighing, vegetable prep, heat management, time management, absorption method.

This recipe can be used as a base risotto recipe for you to change the main ingredients to for example, mushroom risotto then swap out the goats cheese for parmesan.